The hidden value in Warehouse Planning & Design

Warehouse Layout and Design
The warehouse is often a significant cost to a business, but it can also be a real cost and customer service differentiator. In some businesses, owning and running warehouses is the business.

In many businesses, warehouses represent disproportionally high labour cost centres and, after manufacturing centres, high capital cost centres as a well. Understandably, they attract a lot of attention from cost conscious owners and boards. They also attract a lot of attention from customer facing interests. Warehouse managers deal with many competing interests and can run complex operations at the same time.

Significant opportunities therefore exist to improve your warehouse design to gain a competitive advantage.

Whether a re-design, expansion or greenfield design, GRA’s warehouse design management approach is to firstly understand exactly what is driving the need, and what the business sees as its critical outcomes.

If warehouse management and warehouse design is critical to your organisation, find out more about GRA's Warehouse Design service.

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