Whitepaper: E-Commerce - Transforming Australian Supply Chains

Authored by James Allt-Graham, Shanaka Jayasinghe & Phillip Diao
Australian retail supply chains are becoming more and more complex. They must be capable of managing increasing customer expectations, channel diversification and increasingly complex product sourcing strategies. A step-change in supply chain design and capability is required if retailers are to remain competitive. GRA has released a whitepaper explaining why online retailing is so challenging, what can be learnt from overseas, and how retailers can be positioned to profit through their online business.

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Retail Supply Chain Series - Part 1

Perspectives on Strategic Investment
Australian retail supply chains must be capable of managing increasing customer expectations (lead-times, pricing, options), channel diversification (online, store, multi-channel, omni-channel) as well as increasingly complex product sourcing strategies.
There are few decisions in an executive’s career which can define one’s stewardship as a success. In today’s economic climate, where company boards are more cost conscious, increasingly such opportunities are emerging from significant supply chain investments with complex and sensitive payback timetables stretching over several years.
To assist executives’ preparation for such high-stakes decisions, this presentation outlines three topical supply chain investments which if implemented effectively can substantially transform an organisation's supply chain into a competitive advantage.