Superior Supply Chains lead to Business Improvement: How your supply chain can be a source of competitive advantage

GRA Partner, James Allt-Graham, will deliver the keynote presentation at the Supply Chain Forum 2015 in Sydney.

GRA Partner, James Allt-Graham, will be the keynote speaker at the 2015 Supply Chain Forum. He will present on the topic:

Superior Supply Chains lead to Business Improvement: How your supply chain can be a source of competitive advantage

James will also be a panelist on the Stakeholder Management Discussion on Day 2 of the event along with Jaydeep Solanki, Director - Global Purchasing & Supply Chain at GM Holden and Elham Jalilzadeh, Head of Supply Chain at Optus.

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5 Supply Chain Myths - a Presentation

This presentation exposes the 5 Myths that prevent supply chain professionals from optimising their supply chains and ultimately improving business outcomes.
It explores the idea that these myths endure as a result of ‘The Supply Chain’ often being thought of as an executional cost centre, rather than a strategic opportunity.
It concludes that to achieve superior supply chain performance for your organisation you need to realise how to get there. And busting some myths, many of which are based on outdated business practices, is a pretty good place to start. 
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GAINS Research Group Conference 2015

GAINS Australia
GAINS inventory management software
Each year GAINSystems hosts a GAINS Resource Group (GRG) conference in Chicago, Illinois.  

One of the strengths of the GAINS inventory management system is the level of investment and development that is put into the tool each and every year; this presents GAINS users with continuous opportunities to further optimise their supply chain planning capabilities but also means it can be difficult to keep pace with everything that is available.

The GRG is a forum for GAINS customers to not just learn more about the GAINS suite via education workshops, but also influence the future development of GAINS and shape future functionality. 

If you use and GAINS and would like to attend, please visit the GAINS Australia website to find out more.  

The hidden value in Warehouse Planning & Design

Warehouse Layout and Design
The warehouse is often a significant cost to a business, but it can also be a real cost and customer service differentiator. In some businesses, owning and running warehouses is the business.

In many businesses, warehouses represent disproportionally high labour cost centres and, after manufacturing centres, high capital cost centres as a well. Understandably, they attract a lot of attention from cost conscious owners and boards. They also attract a lot of attention from customer facing interests. Warehouse managers deal with many competing interests and can run complex operations at the same time.

Significant opportunities therefore exist to improve your warehouse design to gain a competitive advantage.

Whether a re-design, expansion or greenfield design, GRA’s warehouse design management approach is to firstly understand exactly what is driving the need, and what the business sees as its critical outcomes.

If warehouse management and warehouse design is critical to your organisation, find out more about GRA's Warehouse Design service.

3 Steps to Becoming an Awesome Demand Planner

The opportunity to become awesome exists within your business; you just need to take the right steps. Discover the three critical (but often difficult) steps required for successful demand planning in this article by GRA Partner Matt Miller.

Read 3 Steps to Becoming an Awesome Demand Planner. 

GRA's June Global Supply Chain Newsletter is out

GRA Supply Chain Newsletter

Discover recent supply chain and logistics innovations and trends and news from around the globe with GRA's newsletter.

Stories include:

  • Amazon rolls out free same-day delivery
  • Walmart’s Answer to Amazon Prime 
  • Is Apple Creating “The Ultimate Car” Supply Chain?
  • Could Bitcoin tech make Supply Chains More Transparent?
  • Costly Bet on Big Cargo Ships Comes Up Short
  • The growing importance of the Supply Chain Manager
Also included is GRA's recent thought leadership content that we hope will inspire you to achieve the most from your supply chain.

Improve your Demand Planning in just two days with SCBI

supply chain short course
The Supply Chain Business Institute (SCBI) has just announced new Sydney and Melbourne course dates for one of its most popular and well received short courses, Demand & Supply Planning Excellence.

Sydney - June 23rd & 24th, 2015

Melbourne - September 22nd & 23rd, 2015

The two-day courses review the fundamental levers for optimising service levels, inventory costs and inventory levels as well as forecasting techniques and strategies for different inventory types.

In addition, participants review the techniques and tools required to take their forecasting and inventory management capabilities to the next level and achieve Demand & Supply Planning excellence.

For more information and to reserve a place at the next short course visit SCBI.

New website for GAINS Asia Pacific

Since 1997, GAINS, the 'best-of-breed' demand, inventory and supply chain planning system has been successfully implemented in leading organisations throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific. 

GAINS has helped organisations such as Officeworks, the Australian Defence Forces, Mitre 10, Mitsubishi Engine, The Laminex Group, Honda Australia, Super Retail Group, Symbion Pharmacy Services and Wesfarmers save over $100 million in 15 years.

Globally, GAINS has worked with over 500 companies across a range of industries managing in excess of $75 billion worth of inventory across 50 million items. GAINS has delivered inventory reductions in excess of $30 billion whilst simultaneously and sustainably increasing service level performance.

If you are based in the Asia Pacific and would like to find out more about GAINS inventory management system visit the new website

Whitepaper: E-Commerce - Transforming Australian Supply Chains

Authored by James Allt-Graham, Shanaka Jayasinghe & Phillip Diao
Australian retail supply chains are becoming more and more complex. They must be capable of managing increasing customer expectations, channel diversification and increasingly complex product sourcing strategies. A step-change in supply chain design and capability is required if retailers are to remain competitive. GRA has released a whitepaper explaining why online retailing is so challenging, what can be learnt from overseas, and how retailers can be positioned to profit through their online business.

Download a copy of the Retail Whitepaper for free.

Retail Supply Chain Series - Part 1

Perspectives on Strategic Investment
Australian retail supply chains must be capable of managing increasing customer expectations (lead-times, pricing, options), channel diversification (online, store, multi-channel, omni-channel) as well as increasingly complex product sourcing strategies.
There are few decisions in an executive’s career which can define one’s stewardship as a success. In today’s economic climate, where company boards are more cost conscious, increasingly such opportunities are emerging from significant supply chain investments with complex and sensitive payback timetables stretching over several years.
To assist executives’ preparation for such high-stakes decisions, this presentation outlines three topical supply chain investments which if implemented effectively can substantially transform an organisation's supply chain into a competitive advantage.

Guide to Achieving True Performance Measurement

Performance measures are developed to track each individual facet of the organisation, which when used correctly, facilitate innovation and identify improvement opportunities.

Do you wish you could have a clearer vision of your performance measurement objectives and a structured path to achieving them?

This presentation by GRA reveals in detail the areas of focus that are critical to successful performance measurement. There are plenty of take away tips and advice to inspire action.

View the Performance Measurement presentation