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Raise the bar with proven industry-leading practices in demand, inventory & supply planning.

Supply Chain Business Institute to run Demand & Supply Planning Excellence courses in Melbourne and Sydney – limited places – book early to avoid disappointment.
This practical 2 day course aims to give participants an understanding of the techniques and tools required to take their demand, inventory and supply planning capabilities to the next level and deliver “best in class” performance.

Vehicle of Success - Dan Knox's latest article

Dan Knox on Supply Chain Success
GRA Senior Manager Dan Knox looks at the importance of updating your planning processes in the August issue of Supply Chain Review magazine.

"Planning is the process of translating the request for product into activity."

Planning processes and those who facilitate them need to be kept current and up to date to deliver peak performance.

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Change Management Fundamentals

In this three-part series GRA Senior Manager David Maerz examines the fundamentals of change management:

1. What is change and why do it?

2. Building & executing the change management plan

3. Sustaining change: benefits realisation

The Change Management Plan

A strong plan has each of the following phases and elements:

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Change Management & Fundamentals

Article series written by David Maerz

Part 1: What is Change and Why Do It?

In this Change Management Fundamentals Series, we look at why Change Management is important and how to go about building a change management plan that is robust and workable. We then finish with how to make sure that the benefits you expected as a result of delivering the project can actually be achieved and sustained over the long term.
Our first paper in the series sets a working foundation by explaining what change management is and how a simple but robust methodology can help.

In organisations large and small, projects are being initiated to achieve some kind of business outcome. Whether these projects are concerned with implementing a new tool or technology, building or re-engineering a set of business processes, changing the organisations’ structure or permutations and combinations of some or all of these things, one constant is present in all of these activities: CHANGE! Much has been written about the importance of managing change however, it is often an activity that is time and again forgotten when actually running a project. This paper will highlight why managing change is just as important as executing the technical activities in a project and a simple and well known methodology for helping in the change process.