GRA to present at SMART Conference 2013

GRA Partner Carter McNabb and Andrew Coventry, Operations Director, Catalyst Investment Managers have been invited to present at Australia’s leading Supply Chain Conference – SMART Conference & Expo 2013

Their presentation is titled ‘A Private Equity Perspective: Why industry must focus on the supply chain during difficult economic times’.
The presentation is a rare opportunity for the SMART audience to gain an insight into how private equity firms function: how they allocate capital for the best possible returns; and importantly, how they see the supply chain as an opportunity to drive value.
Leading private equity expert, Andrew Coventry, will reveal how private equity firms partner with management to build, expand and improve businesses, with an emphasis on investment and job creation – not shutdowns and ‘quick flips’ as is often portrayed in the media.
Presented in the context of the long-term global and domestic economies, Andrew Coventry and supply chain expert Carter McNabb will explain how industry must focus on operational improvement to drive value creation, rather than rely on economic outperformance (as they may have in more prosperous economic times). This makes the supply chain a critical part of a company’s success.
The audience will learn how private equity firms assess the supply chain for value and improvement and will be shown examples of how supply chain improvements transpire to monetary gain.
GRA will also have a stand at the SMART conference. So please drop by and say hello if you are attending the event.
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