GRA ramps up events in the Year of the Dragon

Premier supply chain consulting firm GRA heralds the Chinese Lunar New Year with a quick fire series of events to usher in the Year of the Dragon. 

First up GRA Partner Carter McNabb speaks at the TechnologyOne Evolve conference at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on 23 February 2012. Presenting on the topic 'Leading Supply Chain Strategies - from Cost Centre to Competitive Advantage', Mr McNabb will discuss emerging supply chain challenges and trends with reference to recent Australian supply chain benchmarking data.  Areas covered include: common issues businesses face, the role of technology, essential skills for your supply chain team and why streamlining the supply chain delivers significant savings.

On 6 March 2012, GRA participates in the Retail Leaders Forum at the Sydney Marriott Hotel in a roundtable discussion panel on the theme, ‘Retail Revolution: What’s going on?  What’s changed and why do we need to adapt?’ 

Carter McNabb joins panelists: Michael Ford, CEO, The Good Guys; Mark Garwood, CEO Retail & Supply Chain, Fantastic Holdings and Rick Wight, CEO, Foodworks.  The discussion will review the key drivers of change in modern Australian retail and will cover key areas, such as the impact of the carbon tax to supply chain costs and finding operational efficiencies to counter tighter consumer spending.  GRA is a gold sponsor of the Retail Leaders Forum in Sydney. 
On the back of 2011’s successful demand planning and inventory optimisation training, GRA Director Matt Miller will conduct sales and operations planning (S&OP) courses across Australia in March and April 2012.  Kicking off in Melbourne on 19 March, the course will focus on delivering balanced and efficient sales and budgets through improved communication and information flow.  S&OP training sessions will also be held in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.

The course aims to:
• Educate participants in the principles of S&OP
• Provide a 'how to' framework to establish and fine tune the S&OP process to ensure it remains effective
• Introduce key implementation strategies to ensure S&OP success.

The Year of the Dragon is one of the most revered years of the Chinese Lunar New Year calendar as the dragon is a symbol of good fortune and power in Eastern culture.  Given the economic turbulence of recent years, it’s a welcome omen for business.

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