GRA presents with Super Retail Group

Together with Super Retail Group's Merchandising Planning & Operations Manager, Christine Ogden, GRA presented at the Queensland Supply Chain & Logistics Conference in Brisbane on 2nd September 2011. 

The case study focuses on how Supercheap Auto became a market leader in demand planning and inventory optimisation.

Click here to view a copy of Christine Ogden's presentation.

Click here to download GRA Director, Matt Miller's breakout session presentation on Category Management.       

"What impresses most market watchers is the group's control of invetory, which has helped cash flow increase by 74 per cent to $46.6 million.  They managed inventory spectacularly and that was a standout that came through the cash flow and operating cash flow."
'Smaller names big performers' Australian Financial Review 11 March 2009.

Noting extensive coverage in both industry and the financial press, Supercheap Auto is now widely recognised as a market leader in inventory management.  This case study will reveal how this success was achieved and demonstrate how Supercheap Auto's demand planning capabilities provide it with a sustained competitive

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