Premier supply chain consulting firm GRA has been named as a finalist in the 2011 SMART awards in the category of Excellence in Supply Chain Management and Distribution.  GRA was nominated for its work with Symbion Pharmaceutical Services (SPS) for the successful completion of a project to reduce inventories and improve service levels using GAINS demand planning software.

The SMART conference and expo is the leading event in the Asia-Pacific region for those in the supply chain and logistics industry and will be held on May 25 and 26 at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre. 

GRA Partner, Steve Bray, and Deputy Director of Naval Inventory Procurement, Andrew Stephens, will present on ‘Achieving Improved Supply Chain Performance through Organisational Transformation’ on Day 2 of the conference.  The implementation of major change within a long standing government organisation is never easy.  Mr Bray and Mr Stephens will discuss the challenges, successes and lessons learned, and will cover the initiatives taken to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Naval supply chain through organisational transformation and improved supply chain planning.

“SMART provides an excellent snapshot of the state of play within Australian and Global supply chains” said GRA Partner Carter McNabb.  “We have been involved with SMART for many years and look forward to continuing the tradition.”  In 2011 GRA will sponsor morning and afternoon teas at the SMART exhibition. 

Supply Chain Network Optimisation

From inventory optimisation, manufacturing capacity optimisation and warehouse space optimisation through to route optimisation - we’ve all heard of or engaged a number of different optimisation approaches. Each methodology provides benefits to the organisations engaging their techniques, but in most cases, each approach deals with the separate pieces of a supply chain network.

Having driven savings out at a local facility level, companies now realise they can deliver the next wave of improvements in cost and service by examining their network of supply chain facilities and taking a “whole of supply chain” view to optimise networks.

What is supply chain network optimisation?
Supply chain network optimisation (SCNO) takes all of the flows of material needed to satisfy demand into and out of the network, considers the costs and constraints associated with those flows around all of the facilities in the network and then finds the lowest cost solution satisfying all of the identified constraints. As examples, costs can include fixed and variable costs for manufacturing, the receiving, handling and despatching costs at each storage facility as well as the various transport mode costs. Constraints can include the manufacturing or delivery lead times from each facility to its customer, the percentage of customers serviced within those delivery lead times, minimum order quantities or a minimum or maximum capacity constraint. 

GRA to speak at National Supply Chain Competition final event

Premier supply chain consulting firm GRA will present at the first National Supply Chain competition on 24 May 2011.  Taking place at the University of Technology Sydney, GRA Partner Carter McNabb will present alongside Dr John Gattorna, Adjunct Professor at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, author and internationally recognized ‘thought leader’ on supply chains, and Chris Butterworth, Lean Thinking expert.

The event concludes the seven week national competition run by supply chain industry body apics, giving participants the chance to demonstrate and improve their supply chain knowledge and expertise with a web-based business simulation, “The Fresh Connection”.

“We take great pride in providing our clients with unique and sustainable end-to-end supply chain solutions that deliver a genuine competitive advantage.  The Fresh Connection reveals to participants the benefits of what we advocate, that optimising the end-to-end supply chain gets the best results,” said Carter McNabb.