The Road from China

China is a critical trading partner for Australia particularly with regard to our mineral exports and the range of imports from food staples, through electronics, household goods, to automotive parts to complex heavy engineering items. 

There is however a growing set of sourcing alternatives to China which can provide competition against rising Chinese prices and the comfort of a second set of suppliers.

Within the normal constraints of overseas sourcing, Chinese imports provide a source of low cost goods delivered on time to a specified level of quality.  For Australian merchants used to trading with local and overseas niche suppliers, prices and trading terms, Chinese capabilities seem almost limitless. From basic offerings to high tolerance make-to-plan items, the Chinese cost advantage based on low labour and material costs blew away the competition.

GRA joins National Supply Chain Competition as Gold Partner

Leading specialist supply chain and logistics consulting firm GRA has joined Australia’s first national supply chain competition as gold sponsors.

"We are delighted to be a part of this innovative interactive competition that demonstrates the benefits that can be achieved by integrating the end-to-end Supply Chain," said Carter McNabb, GRA Partner.

"The Fresh Connection provides teams with a valuable opportunity to increase supply chain knowledge, while building effective teams and enhancing cross-functional awareness through collaboration."

Commencing in March 2011, the seven week competition run by Supply Chain industry body apics will offer participants the chance to demonstrate and improve their supply chain knowledge and expertise with The Fresh Connection web-based business simulation. Participants are challenged to work as a team to save the fictional company, The Fresh Connection, from financial ruin. The challenge is to transform the company’s Supply Chain to make it profitable again.